Mary Roberts Rinehart Nature Park is located 12 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, PA in the Borough of Glen Osborne. The park is next to the Osborne Elementary School -- look for the fairy at the entrance of the park. To find the Elementary School, use this address on your favorite map site:

1414 Beaver Street, Sewickley, PA 15143

Park Hours

The park is open all year long. Click on Explore to see the guidelines when using the park. Come and enjoy !

Park Purpose

The park is open to provide recreational and educational opportunities with the emphasis on learning about native Appalachian plant species. Click on Plants to see which native species are represented in the park.

Green Jaws - Stock Xchnge

Welcome To MRR Nature Park

Nestled next to the Osborne Elementary School in Glen Osborne, below the activity of Beaver Street, lies the Mary Roberts Rinehart Nature Park. Named after noted mystery writer, Mary Roberts Rinehart, the park was once part of Mrs. Rinehart's estate. Overgrown and trash strewn from years of neglect, the park has been reclaimed from invasive species of plants. Through the efforts of volunteers and grantors, the park now provides an opportunity to relax and to learn about the plants indigenous to the Appalachian Region. The park also features a stone amphitheater hand-built by a generous neighbor. Click on Get Involved to find out how to volunteer, donate and be part of a new chapter in local history. Most of all--enjoy our beautiful park!